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In a world that is increasingly adult oriented and consumer oriented, and becoming more technical and less personal, there is a strong need to protect our children. The modern world also has many wonderful things to offer and we want our children to be able to healthily embrace them.

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A community environment, much like an extended family, ideal for the children to learn and practice social skills.

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The wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread rolls fills our room. We include the children in all food preparations, and baking bread is always a favorite one of both children and adults. Kneading the dough is fun and promotes fine motor skills. The children make all sorts of lovely shapes and exercise their imagination while being connected with fundamental aspects of life. Understanding that the food we eat is the fruit of loving work, is very valuable for the children. We sit together to share nutritious organic food and tea.

A calm haven for parents to observe their children at play and interacting with other children. A judgement-free space to learn about child development and parenting skills.
We offer carefully selected songs and finger games that contribute in an essential way to the development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as language skills.
We end our classes with age appropriate puppet shows and stories.

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The education of young children is based on the important principles of imitation, rhythm and repetition. Young children imitate everything, and they particularly love copying daily, simple chores. When we understand how powerful the child´s instinct to imitate is, we realize the enormous responsibility we carry. We believe that every adult who is with the child should be genuinely interested in her or him, and have the moral will to help this little human in their life path. Teachers of children should be warm and young at heart.

Children need to have time for self-intiated free play, essential for healthy development. The environment has proven to have great formative power and as such, we consider it an important educational influence. We offer open-ended toys simply and beautifully made, and objects from the natural world as playthings that encourage imagination and creativity.
We believe that children need the time and freedom to develop at their own pace in their own time.


We offer indoor and outdoor classes in both Upper and Lower Manhattan locations. Our Central Park classes are set in a wonderful secluded location right at the heart of the park. The children experience a genuine and deep wonder in exploring the natural environment and observing the change of the seasons. It is a very different experience to being in a playground. Children need to play in nature to healthily develop. Being in nature is emotionally healing for both children and adults. It is like a restorative balm, needed in these times more than ever. 
Our indoor classes, at our East Village location end with a play time in the beautiful 6BC Botanical Garden, a truly magical oasis in Downtown Manhattan.
We offer a sliding scale of fees based on income. Please contact us for more information.

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