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About Us

Making a Difference

A nurturing program for young children and their caregivers in a safe, home-like environment.
We believe that it is important for parents and caregivers to have support in such an underappreciated task.  It is our mission to empower parents with tools for their journey. All parents can trust that their own voices and parenting styles will be respected. We provide a calm haven for parents to find their own way without fear of judgement. 
Young children flourish in a warm, joyful and accepting environment. Children need time and space to learn at their own pace and according to their personal abilities. There are many ways of creating learning possibilities for children, and it is common knowledge that free play is crucial for healthy child development. There is also political pressure for early academic training. We cherish childhood as a precious period and believe that children should not be rushed. Our classes create a space where children can play happily and parents can relax.  Children live in the present and we invite you to delight in each of those priceless moments with them.

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