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Testimonials: Events

" Rocio’s quiet yet confident leadership of the class flawlessly modeled respectful and loving parenting within very clearly defined limits. I learned a great deal from her example but also took advantage of her willingness to discuss my parenting concerns with refreshingly forthright guidance and feedback. Perhaps most important is that Rocio delights in young children and they delight in her. We had such a lovely experience and now two years later, we are still singing the songs! It was a privilege to be a part of that magic and I will always cherish this very special time for me and my son."


V. Brown

"Deepest gratitude to you for making our experience such a beautiful, sacred and welcoming one. Both Leoni and I have had a fabulous time and are looking forward to more in the new year. Thanks for all you said and didn´t say (leading with your actions!)"

C. Noack

“Thank you for the warmth, love and nurturing you poured into every moment of our time together.”

P. van de Bossche


“My husband and I enrolled our then 17 month-old son in a parent and child class about 9 months ago. It was our first experience with school of any kind. The three of us were welcomed to class on the first day by the incredibly warm and bright, Rocio. Our son took her hand immediately, showing the comfort and trust she inspires in the children she guides, and we as new parents found ourselves lucky to be guided by her as well. Rocio is effortlessly able to instill a sense of patience and wonder in the classroom, for both children and parents. She takes the time not just to get to know the children but also the parents, and is a constant and understanding presence. She may kneel to see what a child wants to show her at his level, but also meets parents in their world as well, bringing in articles on various aspects of parenting, encouraging dialogue, and openly answering questions about anything parents inquire about--without judgement, and with a genuine desire to help the parent, as much as the children, understand the answers around them. I can honestly say she is the kind of teacher for whom we would change schools if needed so that she could continue to teach our little boy.”

V. Nornberg

"Rocio not only hold the environment in the most caring way, with few words, but with a magical smile and we feel the trust to leave our children to play, as she will interfere when needed and guide the children to get along well."

R. Carneiro


“Your classes were a heaven for our daughter Maria and us as parents, as we were able to build a community of friends with the other parents. We enjoyed so much the warmth, joy and professionalism in which you conducted your classes. Maria grew up to be a confident, happy and capable girl. We are so blessed to have met you, and felt so happy and secure to leave our daughter in such good hands. After all these years, and having moved continents, Maria still has very fond memories of you and your classes!”

V. Santos

"Thank you for creating a magical classroom on a grassy knoll for Cecilia in Spring of her third year. The memories we have shared and the things she has learned with you will stay with us for a lifetime."

C. Zorzi


“Your classes were such a positive experience for us all as a family. I saw such a change in our daughter, she grew enormously in confidence and social skills. She made friends and learned how to play with other kids. For us, we met with other families who were warm and open. This is thanks to the friendly, loving atmosphere you helped create, Thank you!”

M. Coogan

“Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to a wonderful world I did not know. I would like to participate in it with you every day!”

C. Castillo

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